m i d i k a t

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Today’s #thrift #store #score in the Village with Chuck:) not in perfect condition but I still love it and it was only $5
cute lil bunny in the Village:)
:) 1st in my belly today:) now avocado, banana, potatos and eggy weggs for Chuck & I
view from studio #obligatory cloud pic of the day lolz:)
Panda #nofilter #catsofinstagram
I brought Chuck’s to my sissy’s and hanging with her cats:) Simbah
Midi’s belly sores are going away:) wahoo!
3 hours of sleep 💁 lolz and for once I actually felt caught up on sleep for like half a day:)
what a lovely date night with myself before work:) I need these more often:) off at 4am if anyone wants to do breakfast:)
😸 #Chococat #slippers :)